Education Assistance

The GT Foundation is passionate about providing
financial aid to children in rural schools.

The GT Foundation is always eager to provide financial aid to schools in the rural areas which will help children to gain access to quality education. Children from these areas are often overlooked due to poverty, fund allocation, lack of exposure and opportunity. This results in many children falling behind in comparison to the children from the urban areas of the country. The GT Foundation caters to these problems in two ways – by increasing the number of schools in rural areas and providing more opportunities in the existing schools. Through these programs, the Foundation aims at increasing the literacy rate and the quality of education; exponentially benefitting society.

The GT Foundation’s first effort to provide education improvement was given when the Palaiyur School in Tamil Nadu was funded to build two additional classrooms and a new playground.

In 2004, 2006 and 2011, the Foundation partnered with the Rotary Club of Mangalore and funded building three additional classrooms for the Navachethana School in Neermarga, Mangalore, to accommodate the growing number of children. Additionally, the Foundation is actively involved in providing regular financial assistance to the school. The Foundation is proud today to see an overall enrollment of 600 students in comparison to their humble beginning of only 22.

Additional schools that have received financial assistance include the St. Sebastian Higher Primary School in Permannur, the Bala Samrakshana Kendra in Kutharpadav, and the Roman and Catholic Lobo School for the Blind in Mangalore.

The GT Foundation values information technology and works to make it available for all students. To further that initiative, the Foundation paired with Corporation Bank in Mangalore and provided a computer lab to the Navachethana School, Neermarga in 2012. This successful partnership resulted in the provision of 15 computers which included the set-up of a network across the school for the benefit of all students.

On a smaller scale, the GT Foundation helped the housekeeping and security staff at GlowTouch Technologies (corporate wing of GT Foundation) to support their children’s education by paying for their textbooks, tuition fees, and other requirements on an as needed basis.

Scholarships have been made available to children unable to afford higher education overseas. The Foundation paired with the Rotary club and awarded scholarships to the most deserving students that have high academic performance.